Gort Ta'alen was a drow noble born into a lesser house of Menzoberranzan.[1]


He had a dark complexion bordering on green, and a mane of white hair. Gort clad himself in armor, and wore a headband studded with a large gemstone.[1]


In addition to his drow-style clothing and armor, Gort owned a ring of antivenom and a pair of bracers of the blinding strike.[1]


As secondboy of his noble house, Gort had ambitions of furthering his station by killing his older brother. He perpetually sought to fight anyone he could, with the aim of growing strong enough to challenge his brother.[1]

Eventually, he fought the planewalking adventurer Baloreik.[2]



  1. Gort's class is given as "Warrior", which is a generic class group encompassing Fighters, Paladins, and Rangers. Since Gort is chaotic evil, he can be neither a Paladin nor a Ranger, leaving Fighter as the only possibility.


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