Goshukara Akinari was the head of Goshukara clan in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Akinari was plotting to somehow removed Funada Mitsuhide from power and replaced him with a Goshukara. To this goal he was supported by the local shrines and allied with ninja Phoenix clan also carefully cultivating ties at court and among the local samurai. Akinari also sought support from the foreign community, however for this he came under scrutiny of the Shou Royal Vagabonds, that planned to use him as their puppet[2]


Akinari may tried to ruin Mitsuhide by pretending he want insult a special envoy of the shogun, Lord Masago, Chief Archivist and Great Subject of the Grand Perceptorate.[3]


Akinari was a good man but deeply concerned by the welfare of his own family. He was extremely proud of his family’s heritage and of his title .[1] Akinari secretly hate Matasuuri Nagahide but in public acted as his friend. He dreamed to one day replaced also the shogun and even the emperor with his relatives[2]



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