Gothyl was an ancient wizard who resurfaced in Daggerdale in 1369 DR.[1]


Gothyl lived in Daggerdale in Spiderhaunt Wood long ago with a court of apprentices. At the time, she tried to become a lich but failed and instead she became an arch-shadow and was somehow bonded to the Sword of the Dales created by the wizard Shraevyn, becoming trapped in his tomb.

In 1369 DR, Gothyl managed to free herself but was greatly weakened. In order to regain her full power, she captured Randal Morn, rightful heir of the Sword, recently injured by some Zhentish forces.

Afterward, she posed as a spirit of the Sword called Hedistrin, tricked an adventuring party recruited to free Randal Morn, and helped them to fight the Zhentarim. In truth, her plot was to attract the party to her tower and use the spell magic jar to permit her apprentices to inhabit the adventurers' bodies. However, her plot eventually failed and Randal Morn was instead captured by the Zhents.[3]

Thus, she continued to help the adventurers. At last, during the final fight to free the dale, Gothyl attacked and consumed the chief Zhent wizard Ilthond, achieving the status of demi-shade, and disappeared.[2]




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