The Grand Bazaar was a market in the city of Huzuz. Easily the largest open-air market in Zakhara, the Grand Bazaar even surpassed the great markets of Calimport and the Durparian markets at Heldapan.[1]

Constant change to the layout of the Grand Bazaar made it a confusing place to shop for those unaccustomed to its methods. However, there were certain lanes and walkways that remained fixtures. Many well-established merchant houses, mystics, and barbers maintained shops here for years. Trade at the bazaar was conducted from dawn until curfew, aided by special lamps to illuminate the vast area after dark via continual light enchantments.[1]


Nearly anything could be purchased at the Grand Bazaar, but the main problem was actually finding specific items. In order to save time, many adventurers hired guides to show them where specific vendors could be found. Two notable guides were Parok Mirami and Laksi al-Afyid.[1]

Services from porters, guides, torch-bearers, and bodyguards could all be purchased for a fee.[1]


Prices were usually not posted on merchandise of any kind. People who looked as if they could not afford certain items were often turned away and others were often asked to show some coin before any real haggling could begin.[1]

Those who paid full price at the Grand Bazaar quickly gained a reputation. Because of word of mouth, someone who paid full price at one shop would find himself paying double or even triple price at shops down the road.[1]

Shops & VendorsEdit