Grand Street was the longest road in the asteroid city of Bral.[1]


At about ~4,900 feet (1.5 kilometers), Grand Street passed over the majority of the length of the Rock of Bral.

Beginning at Dock Street and ending at the Gatehouse, the entry to the Palace Grounds and the Royal Barracks, Grand Street traveled uphill along the starboard border of Shou-town, passed the entrance to the Lesser Market, entered the open square known as the Angle, exited the Low City to enter the Middle City, and curved around the port and trailing sides of the Great Market. From there, it turned sharply to continue higher up, passing the Festival Grounds and the Elven Forest and entering the Noble Estates of the High City. Grand Street ended its journey after passing over Lake Bral on the Stonebridge.[1]

Along its long path, it intersected Eel Street, Windlass Court, Helm Street, Squid Street, Sailmaker Street, Trader's Way, Anchor Street, Wasp Street, Clipper Street, Low Park Street, Park Street, Charthouse Street, Noble Street, Lake Street, and finally High Street.[1]

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