The Grandfather Tree was an arakhor, an elder form of treant, which appeared as a monstrously large, gnarled oak tree located deep in the heart of the High Forest.[1][2] Four smaller oak trees marked the corners of the tree's roots, along with a few rotted tree stumps, elven works, and totems of the Blue Bear tribe.[3]

This arakhor was summoned in −12,500 DR by the Elves of Aryvandaar to guard the site, after they discovered the Hall of Mists, which now lay under its roots.[2]

The Grandfather Tree was considered hallowed ground to both the barbarian tribes of the north and other inhabitants of the forest. As such, the tree had many natural and magical wards protecting it from evil.[3]

The Grandfather Tree was also considered sacred to a number of forest deities.[4] An Uthgardt tribe, the Tree Ghosts, also considered the Grandfather Tree sacred and in 1374 DR had a camp quite close.[4]


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