Grandfather of Assassins is the title of the ruling leader of the Citadel of Assassins, based in the Galena Mountains in Damara.


The Grandfather always conceals his face with a mask and is said to be immortal. In truth once a Grandfather gets old and dies a new one is chosen to take his place. This superstition that the Grandfather cannot die is one of the guilds many terror weapons. Parents local to Vaasa and Damara often threaten naughty children by telling them that the Grandfather will come take them away if they don't behave.

In 1357 DR, the Grandfather of Assassins, in league with the Witch-King Zhengyi, and priests of Orcus, attacked Bloodstone Village with an army of mainly human brigands and orcs, but also with Wyverns, giants, and other monsters. This attack was thwarted by the paladin, Gareth Dragonsbane and his party of adventurers.

The current Grandfather of Assassins, as of 1372 DR, is Timoshenko, who plays the political face of the organization. His chief lieutenant, the wizard Knellict, carries out the dirty work.

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