Grankhul was the bugbear deity of hunting,[3] senses, stealth, and surprise. His symbol was ever-open eyes in darkness.[1]


Grankhul appeared as a rather lean but tall bugbear with large, protruding eyes and very long, thin fingers.[1]


The bugbear pantheon was dominated by Hruggek, though he didn't really rule it. There was more of an understanding among the bugbear gods that no one acted against Hruggek's interests, and in return Hruggek left the others alone. Hruggek's priests often had to keep a wary eye out for the sneakiness of Grankhul's priests, however.[4]


Grankhul shared the realm of Palpitatia on the 241st layer of the Abyss with his fellow bugbear god, Skiggaret.[2] This layer was eternally dark, populated by shadows and spectres, with fear eternally radiating from every inch of the grim terrain.[1]


Grankhul valued dexterity, speed, and at least a modicum of wit. Grankhul was said to have been the god who gifted bugbears with their ability to surprise their prey. He was a very violent god, prone to terrible tantrums and swift murder.[1]


Grankhul was worshiped by hunters, assassins, and other bugbears who prized stealth and surprise.[citation needed]

Grankhul's priests were expected to excel in the qualities favored by their deity. They were hunters, scouts, and explorers among their people, charged with helping to provide food for their bands and to harass their enemies with guerrilla assaults. They were arrogant and confident of their intellects and stealthiness.[1]




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