Gratus was a male human living in Scardale before and during the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR.


Gratus was originally the Minister of Propaganda in the regime of Lord Lashan Aumersair. When his lord was defeated, he surrendered to the allied forces and for this was not prosecuted like his fellow members of Lashan's government.

Gratus later become a shoemaker but had some dealings with the underworld of Scardale and knew well the thief Varden.

When the god Bane, after the Battle of Shadowdale, ordered the Zhentilar armies to conquer Scardale to use it to then threaten Tantras, Gratus became a leader in the Sembian Resistance, composed of all the forces in the dale fighting the Zhents. When Varden returned from a mission with the heroes Midnight and Adon, Gratus came to believe that they could cause havoc for Bane, so he offered the help of the Resistance to the heroes.[1]


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