A Half-elf cleric of the grave domain.

The grave domain was a deity domain pertaining to the line between life and death. Deities of this domain were aware of the fundamental importance of death and the afterlife and regarded the undead as abominations. Therefore, clerics of this domain were concerned with ensuring peace for the dead and comfort for the dying, as well as delaying death for those that still had great accomplishments ahead of them.[1]


KelemvorNaralis AnalorOsirisSegojan EarthcallerSehanine MoonbowUrogalanVandria Gilmadrith


Clerics who chose this domain were granted free access to these spells (they could cast them at any time without having to prepare them in advance).[2] Spells in this domain were:[1]

1st level 
bane, false life
2nd level 
gentle repose, ray of enfeeblement
3rd level 
revivify, vampiric touch
4th level 
blight, death ward
5th level 
antilife shell, raise dead

In addition, grave domain clerics gained access to the following powers:[1]

Channel divinity 
path to the grave




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