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The Gray Wolf tribe were Uthgardt barbarians who had a characteristic every single member shared: under the light of the full moon, they all turned into savage werewolves.[4] They were even known to prowl in packs with actual wolves.[3]

They were savage barbarians who saw their lycanthropy not as a curse, but as an inheritance that was to be embraced.[1][4]


An exiled member of the Gray Wolf tribe

Unlike some of the more civilized Uthgardt tribes, the Gray Wolves were all predators that roamed across their hunting territory.[4]


The Gray Wolf tribe roamed the lands across the North from the Sword Coast to the west to the Delimbiyr Vale to the east.[3]

The sacred site of Raven Rock served as the tribe's ancestral mound,[5] which they shared with the Black Raven tribe.[6]


The legacy of the Gray Wolf tribe was thought to have begun when they accepted refugees from fallen Gauntlgrym into their fold.[4]

Guul Shatterneck and his bandits once unwisely attacked members of the Gray Wolf and took them captive, not thinking to study their prey first. Come the next full moon, the Gray Wolf escaped and tore their captors apart.[7][8]

Following the Spellplague, the Gray Wolf tribe attacked and wiped out the town of Conyberry, and occupied the ruins for use as training and staging ground for raids on the surrounding areas.[9] They became allied with the Shadovar under chieftain Ethraniev Marrowslake, and committed many raids on Neverwinter.[10]

Around the time of the War of the Silver Marches, adventurers from Neverwinter slew the current great chief of the tribe, Syken Nightblaze. Syken's daughter, Envir Sykensdottir, planned to attack the city of Neverwinter to prove that she should be named the next great chief of the tribe.[3]


The Gray Wolf beast totem mutated the curse over time as they embraced the savagery inherent in it and they all turned into werewolves, despite their ancestors.[11] Any Gray Wolf who did not wish to share the curse would be cured within a year after leaving the tribe.[1]

Notable Members[]