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A gray pudding was a subterranean pudding that secreted extremely potent acid.[2][1]


Out of all offshoots of black puddings, gray puddings were potentially the most powerful. They appeared much like stone puddings, having gray ooze-like bodies, and thus could disguise themselves against both rocky walls and surfaces, as well as in dimly lit areas.[1]


These creatures, thanks to their ability to blend in with their environment, often surprised their prey.[1]

Gray puddings relied on their potent acids to quickly corrode opponents, as well as their armor and weapons. Unlike most varieties of ooze, which could dissolve either flesh, wood, or metal, gray puddings could dissolve all of these types, and at very quick rates. It took only six seconds for gray puddings to eat through almost all standard equipment and flesh. Plate mail took about twice as long to dissolve, and magical items took longer, depending on the strength of their enchantment. In mere seconds, the average adventurer would be reduced to nothingness; not even the most dense bone in their body would be left behind.[1]

Puddings off this type were fairly weak against certain spells, such as flesh to stone and airy water, which slowed and attempted to drown them, respectively.[1]


Gray puddings were solitary creatures, and had no need to rely on others or group tactics. Able to devour essentially anything, they could go after any type of prey.[2][1]

These deadly puddings dwelt in the Wyllowwood layer of Undermountain.[2]


As with other puddings, gray puddings were thought to be derived from the more well-known black puddings. They were more common than stone puddings and dense puddings.[1]