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Grayth Holmfast was a human priest of Lathander and a member of the Company of the White Star. His squire was Brant Rethalshield.[1] He lived in Waterdeep.[2]


Grayth had silvery-gray hair (once dark) in a close-cropped fringe with a receding hairline and a gray goatee. He was of lean build, although he used to be athletic. He was tall with square shoulders. He spoke with a deep, gravelly voice.[3]


Grayth was married for a time, although was no longer married as of Alturiak, 1374 DR. His two sons of ten and seven years resided with their mother.[4]


Grayth wore a suit of light gold mail underneath a white coat with the sunrise symbol of Lathander.[5] He carried a broadsword.[6]


Grayth took part in King Azoun's crusade against the Tuigan Horde in Thesk.[4]

On Tarsakh 7, 1374 DR, Grayth was stabbed in the neck by Nurthel Floshin in retribution for Araevin Teshurr's refusal to cooperate with Sarya Dlardrageth.[7]