The Great Dismal Delve was the home of all dao living on the Elemental Plane of Earth.[1]


The Great Dismal Delve was actually a massive labyrinth located deep underground. The area it covered was larger than most continents on the Prime Material Plane.[1]


Located deep within the Elemental Plane of Earth, the Great Dismal Delve was pocketed with links to a wide array of elemental materials, allowing the Great Khan of the dao to summon allies and resources at will.[1]


All tunnels within the Great Dismal Delve ultimately led to the Sevenfold Mazework, the heart of dao power.[1]


In addition to the dao, the Great Dismal Delve housed many kinds of slaves who spent much of their time clearing debris caused by planequakes. The exact number of dao and their slaves inhabiting the Great Dismal Delve was unknown.[1]


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