The Great Library of Perpustakaan, or simply Perpustakaan, was a library in Perpustakaan in Kesasar Valley in Shou Lung. It was one of the most magnificent depositories of knowledge in all of Kara-Tur. Unfortunately, most of the people outside the Shao Mountains had forgotten the existence of Perpustakaan.[1]


Perpustakaan was built in ancient times by the Shao Mountains Empire. After the fall of that civilization, the existence of the library was forgotten in the rest of Shou Lung.[1]

In 1358 DR, however, an adventuring party rediscovered the library and told the Emperor's Wu Jen about it.[2]


Perpustakaan was made of black granite. It was a huge building with a tall pagoda stretching into the sky.[3]

Inside, the library was divided in many Reference Sections, one specific section for each of these topics: literature, astrology, geography, ancient history, military history, philosophy, biography, mathematics, arcane lore, and one section for each member of the Nine Immortals.[1]

There also a conference room, a rotunda, rooms and cubicles for visiting scholars, a foyer, and residences for staff members.[1]


Perpustakaan had a limited librarian and clerical staff but a large militia that enforced the respect of the library's rules and maintained peace inside.[1]


Perpustakaan was open twelve hours a day, from dawn to sunset. To use the library, one needed to register six months beforehand. It was possible, however, at the head librarian's discretion, to bend rules under special circumstances.[1]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Perpustakaan might be considered to be the Candlekeep of Kara-Tur.


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