The Great Padishate of the Marid, or the Marid Padishate, was the collective term referring to the ruling body of government of the marids.[1]

Marids were less organized as an official government when compared to the djinn, but their greater power ensured that they held greater control over the Elemental Plane of Water than the djinn did on the Elemental Plane of Air.[1]


The Great Padisha of the Marid, Kalbari al-Durrat al-Amwaj ibn Jari, ruled over all of the noble marids comprising the Padishate.[1]

Each and every marid claimed nobility of some sort, but only the truly noble marid served the Padisha and schemed to replace her one day.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls on the Elemental Plane of Water served as the seat of power for the Marid Padishate.[1]



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