The Great Vale, also known as Asanibis, was considered the breadbasket of Mulhorand, and included the lands that lie between the Dragonsword Mountains and the Alamber Sea.[1]


The area that made up the Great Vale accounted for the majority of Mulhorand's farmland. The region was heavily irrigated, and the annual flooding of the River of Spears provided the soil with an infusion of sediment on a regular basis.[1]


The population of the Great Vale was composed primarily of humans. The majority of these individuals made their homes in the towns of Surbroar, Klondor, Ulzel, and Mishtan, though a fair number resided at the farms of the region. Rumors also indicated that intelligent storms known as Skriaxit may have once been found in the area around Klondor.[2]

Places of InterestEdit

Land of the Dead 
During the flood season slaves and freemen constructed tombs in this region, located near the town of Mishtan.[2]



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