Great ghuls were undead cousins of genies who occupied the lowest rung in the hierarchy of the jann.[1]


Great ghuls had one interesting feature—their feet were always donkey hooves, although they often tried to hide this shortcoming by wearing long robes or boots. Ghuls adored eating the flesh from corpses and then drinking the bone marrow. They often had long hair and bushy eyebrows. They had clawed fingers and well developed muscles. Their white skin was always sticky and cold. Great ghuls knew that their looks were repulsive, so they often tried to hide their ugliness with lush sarafans and jewelry.[1]


Great ghuls attacked enemies with sharp claws and teeth. Only magical weapons could injure or kill a great ghul. Great ghul magicians were much more dangerous than their simple relatives.

Great ghuls could use various spells including bestow invisibility, polymorph self, and shocking grasp. Being undead, great ghuls had a special immunity to poison and many mind-affecting spells.

They were much weaker during the daytime than at night and could be injured with holy water.[1]


Great ghuls preferred living in ruins or caves of the high mountains. Thanks to their great strength and claws, ghuls could climb on flat surfaces to surprise prey.

Many great ghuls adored perfume, using it to hide their disgusting smell.

Great ghul mages lived in seclusion but most ghuls lived in pairs. They were often found in cemeteries where they fed on corpses. Great ghuls were generally female. People were usually afraid of the great ghuls and genies despised them, so they would often conceal their appearance by using spells. Their ability to polymorph helped them sneak into cities to find food.[1]

The great ghuls had a sheikh named Sahin Sira.[2]


Great ghuls often performed tasks for genies and even helped people if they took an interest.[1]



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