Great revenance was a spell researched by Irae T'sarran that could raise an army of revenants slaved to the caster's will.[1]


The magic of this spell could potentially animate thousands of creatures as revenants under the command of the caster. The undead horde would retain the capabilities each creature had in life but also bring them under a shared will. However, this unifying power could only be achieved if used in conjunction with a potent source of negative energy, such as that projected by the Undying Temple in Maerimydra.[1]


For the great revenance spell to perform as it was originally intended, it required the empowering negative energy of the Undying Temple and a great number of recently deceased bodies.[1]


In 1372 DR, on Marpenoth 2, Irae T'sarran began researching the great revenance spell under Kiaransalee's guidance in Maerimydra. Irae summoned the Undying Temple to Castle Maerimydra on Marpenoth 17 and moved her spell research there. By Marpenoth 27, she was devoting most of her time to developing the spell and had made plans to use the spell on the Dalelands above.[2][3]




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