Greater magic weapon (originally called Fourfinger's enchanted weapon[1] and simply enchanted weapon[5][6]) was a transmutation spell used by both arcane and divine casters to magically enhance a weapon temporarily.[2] Some creatures, such as warmonger genies, had an innate ability to enchant weapons in a similar manner.[11]


Like the simpler spell magic weapon, this spell could be used to make a single large weapon, or two small weapons, into a weapon that was both more accurate and more damaging, provided the weapon was in close range to the caster.[10] The spell could also be cast upon as many as 50 projectiles (of the same kind). Ammunition would lose the enchantment when used, but thrown enchanted weapons would not. Otherwise, the enchantment would last of three or more hours, depending on the power of the caster.[2]

The enchantment could be as much as five times stronger than that provided by the weaker magic weapon spell. This spell could not enchant a creatures natural weapons, with the exception of the unarmed attacks of monks.[2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the arcane version of the spell required some powdered limestone and carbon, which were consumed in the casting. Divine casters simply needed to hold onto their holy symbol while completing the spell.[2]


The spell was invented by the weather-obsessed Netherese arcanist Fourfinger in −2009 DR, as his earliest recorded spell.[12]

The spell was one of the many recorded in Bowgentle's Book, a compilation of spells and magical teachings from the famous wizard Bowgentle of Silverymoon.[13]

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