Greater segarrans were the most honored servants of the savage goddess Ragarra.[1]

Only the most powerful and favored Ragarran priestesses were blessed with transformation into greater segarrans through powerful magic.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Greater segarrans appeared just as they did before their transformation. However, they could assume the form of a formidable reptilian creature at will. The physical appearance of this creature depended on the individual personality or whim of each priestess but usually included the head and tail of a crocodile. Some greater segarrans even possessed giant bat-like wings allowing them to fly.[1]

Combat[edit | edit source]

If encountered in human form a greater segarran would use all of their normal skills and magical powers during combat, but their supernatural strength was evident even when appearing human. The only downside was that greater segarrans were unable to memorize the most powerful spells they had access to before their transformation.[1]

Greater segarrans possessed a resistance to magic greater than that of their lesser cousins.[1]

In reptilian form, greater segarrans often used their body as a weapon—biting with their jaws, swiping with their tails, or even buffeting with their wings to inflict harm upon their foes.[1]

Habitat/Society[edit | edit source]

Priestesses who decided to undergo the exhausting ceremony to become greater segarrans were also required to perform a dangerous quest or service for Ragarra. Any who failed the goddess met a grisly end and suffered an eternity of undeath.[1]

They could be found within the Cities of the Ancients region of east Zakhara.[1]

Since only powerful priestesses of Ragarra were allowed to attempt the transformation, all greater segarrans were female.[1]

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Greater segarrans were adept at infiltrating civilization. The only weakness to their ruse was the need to consume the flesh of their slain enemies as a tribute to Ragarra.[1]

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