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Greatswords were a type of two-handed, martial, melee weapon.[2]


Greatswords were the largest member of the sword family requiring two hands to wield. The hilt was elongated to accommodate the extra grip and the blade was doubled-edged. Some versions had parrying hooks (Parierhaken) on their blade about 4‒8 in (0.1‒0.2 m) away from the guard. The blades were typically dull between their parrying hooks and guard so that they could be gripped there.[2]


Greatswords were large and heavy for a sword, requiring a good deal of training in order to wield effectively. Thus, they were classified as a martial weapon. Greatswords with parrying hooks could be gripped with one hand between the hooks and the guard and the other on the hilt, allowing the weapon to be used in a pole arm fashion. The greatsword was recognized by adventurers as a reliable, powerful weapon.[4]


  • Flamberges were a type of greatsword.[5][6] They were commonly wielded by armanites[7] and in the late 15th century DR, one could find both fighters and paladins wielding ones that were crafted from blackiron.[8]
  • Zweihanders were a type of greatsword.[6] In the late 15th century DR, one could find fighters wielding zweihanders that were crafted from blackiron.[8]

Notable greatswords[]

Ceremonial sword of the nation of Cormyr.
Duty's Bond
Favored weapon of Torm, the god of protection.
Sword of Shadows
Favored weapon of Shaundakul, the god of travelers.
The powerful Holy Avenger.
The evil githyanki-forged weapon, said to have been forged in Tu'narath.




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