A greatsword is a two-handed, martial, melee weapon.[2]


The greatsword is the largest member of the sword family requiring two hands to wield. The hilt is elongated to accommodate the extra grip and the blade is doubled-edged. Some versions have parrying hooks (Parierhaken) on the blade about 4-8in (10-20cm) away from the guard. The blade is dull between the parrying hooks and the guard so it can be gripped there. An average greatsword costs 50gp and weighs 8lbs (3.6kg).[2]


The greatsword is large and heavy for a sword, and takes good training to wield effectively, therefore it is classified as a martial weapon. Greatswords with the parrying hooks may be gripped with one hand between the hooks and the guard and the other on the hilt, allowing this weapon to be used in pole arm fashion. The greatsword is recognized by adventurers as a reliable, powerful weapon.[3]

Notable greatswordsEdit

Ceremonial sword of the nation of Cormyr.
Duty's Bond 
Favored weapon of Torm, the god of protection.
Sword of Shadows 
Favored weapon of Shaundakul, the god of travelers.
The powerful Holy Avenger.
The evil githyanki-forged weapon, said to have been forged in Tu'narath.


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