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A greelox was a very rare species of powerful, spider-like creatures.[1]


On average a greelox grew to be 14 feet (4.3 meters) in diameter. In addition to having eight spiny, spider-like legs, a greelox had two limbs that functioned like humanoid arms and two front legs that ended in scythe-like blades. Their bodies were gray and brown in color, with eyes of a dull red hue, while both their claws and mandibles were black.[1]


A greelox was a highly intelligent creature.[1]


The greelox had a poisonous bite that could nausea in their victims. They were also capable of spinning webs that they could direct at targets from up to 90 feet (27 meters) away. Their bodies secreted an acid through their skins that coated these webs. In addition, they were immune to all forms of acid and poison.[1]

These creatures grew rapidly, typically reaching their full size within just one year. They had an average lifespan of fifty years.[1]


A greelox possessed the unique ability to manipulate the shadows of their surroundings to achieve a variety of effects that were equivalent to a wizard casting shadow magic spells. One these effects was invoked a dimension door, allowing them to travel up to 210 feet (64 meters).[1]


In addition to fighting with their shadow magic and spider-like limbs, their humanoid arms were capable of wielding shields and weapons.[1]

Rumors & Legends

Some rumors claimed that there existed entire cities of these creatures within the Demiplane of Shadow that consisted of massive mazes of webs, spanning entire acres of terrain.[1]


The greelox was primarily a solitary creature. They served very little purpose within the ecology of the Prime Material plane.[1]


The greelox was a carnivorous species. They fed upon any small monsters or vermins that wandered into their lairs.[1]


These creatures were typically found to inhabit ruins or underground locales.[1] They were endemic to the Demiplane of Shadow.[2]


The greelox spoke its own language and typically knew how to speak the language of any creatures that lived within 20 miles (32,000 meters) of their lair. In addition, they were capable of speaking any language they heard for an hour or more.[1]


The greelox was a favored monster of the drow spider goddess Lloth.[3]


The dried webbing of a greelox could be used by wizards as an ingredient in the creation of an oil of acid resistance.[1]



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