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Green Fields was the celestial home of the halfling pantheon. It was also the home of the souls of deceased good halflings.[4] In the Great Wheel cosmology, it was located in Venya, the third layer of Mount Celestia.[1]


As its name aptly implied, Green Fields consisted of a green field expanding ever outward in every direction.[4] It was home to winged halflings.[5]


In 1372 DR, Gromph Baenre unintentionally visited the Green Fields during a spell battle with the Lichdrow Dyrr.[4]

Notable inhabitants[]

Dietr was a halfling from Luiren who dwelt in Green Fields after his death. When Gromph left the plane, he saw an opportunity to return to Faerûn to help his mother and followed the drow back to Menzoberranzan, where he was promptly turned into an undead huecuva. Gromph had no sympathy for Dietr and forced him to go up against the Lichdrow; Dietr was easily destroyed.[6][7]




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