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The Green Glade was a clearing in the Ardeep Forest surrounded by exceptionally tall and massive elm trees circa the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR. A climate of perpetual springtime was one of its unusual properties.[1][2][3][4]


Located in the southeast quadrant of the forest, the Green Glade was difficult to find because any trail blazed in the vicinity reverted back to the typical thickets of fern overnight.[2][3][4]


This magical area was protected by a minor mythal that kept the glade under a hallow effect that provided protection from evil.[4]


The mythal also enhanced all healing spells.[3][4] In particular, neutralize poison and cure disease were both completely effective in curing the disease form of lycanthropy;[1][2] minor healing spells also cured feeblemind;[2] and deafness, blindness, and parasitic infections were all cured when the appropriate spell was cast.[2]

Elves felt an immediate and strong sense of peace and tranquility when they stepped into the Green Glade; non-elves could sense it too, but not to the same degree.[1][2] Non-magical wooden items quickly started to sprout roots and leaves after entering the glen, including things like (non-magical) dagger handles, bows, or wooden scroll cases.[1][4] If used judiciously, this effect could repair wooden items that were cracked or possibly broken.[2]


The Green Glade was created in the days of the Illefarn nation and remained intact over the centuries.[1]

Rumors & Legends[]

Those that were not aware of the Glade's history or the existence of mythals usually attributed the place to be sacred to one deity or another, and typically named the area after their chosen deity.[2]