In the Heralds of Faerûn organization, the office of Green Shield was one of two unique positions (Gauntlet being the other one) that were temporary. While most Herald offices were a lifetime appointment, Green Shield was given a four-year term that began and ended just before consecutive Shieldmeets.[1][2][3] Green Shield presided over the particular quadrennial festival at which was convened the Heralds' Round—an open court wherein the High Heralds publicly spoke and voted on various aspects of Herald business. Green Shield was responsible for the docket of the Round as well as most other aspects of the Shieldmeet: seeing the rituals were properly performed, the organization, logistics, and scheduling of events were carried out, security provided for the distinguished attendees, proper precedence observed, and all of it done with diplomacy.[3][4] For the next four years, Green Shield followed up on any business conducted that day, consulted with the High Heralds, and prepared for the next Shieldmeet.[4]

This office was usually filled from the ranks of the Heralds Pursuivant and never by a sitting High Herald. New appointees were trained by, and generally took their direction from, Old Night.[3] Good performance frequently resulted in the term of office being renewed for another four years. The residence of this office was a fortification known as Shield House located in northern Cormyr, northeast of Castle Crag on the west side of the Immerflow tributary.[4]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Green Shield and Gauntlet were collectively known as the Tabards, short for the Sun and Moon Tabards, referring to the heraldic overgarments they wore.[3] The shield of the office was a forest green field with no division, devices, or ordinaries. The rod of office was a metal shaft that bore two miniature shields, one at each end. The rod could operate as a rod of splendor and a wand of negation.[4]

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