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Green abishai were the middle-class of the abishai devils. Like their true dragon counterparts, the green dragons, they were poisonous creatures that had mastered the art of manipulation.[1][8]


Green abishai were the most charismatic of abishai, able to subtly misdirect and manipulate even the shrewd and suspicious whether with skill or sorcery. Their own keen senses, allowed them to find useful secrets and other pieces of important information.[1]


Green abishai had access to a variety of mind-manipulating spells such as mass suggestion and detect thoughts.[1] They also had a strength-sapping poison in their tail stingers and claws. They could summon a small group of lemures or attempt to call upon green or black abishai to aid them.[1][2]


Green abishai were known to use longswords, as well as special polearms called guisarme-voulges.[7][1]


Green abishais were the representatives of Tiamat, whether within the Nine Hells or outside of it.[1] They were both the diplomats and envoys of her infernal armies.[1]


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