Green hags, also known as swamp hags and river hags, use their magical powers to lure innocents into their traps. They will assume the form of beautiful women and enter a populated area to find a young man or woman to corrupt with vices. They will use their ability to mimic animal noises to lure children into the swamp, where they are captured and devoured.[1]


A green hag is about the same height and weight as a female human. They appear to be ugly crones with twisted bodies and wretched features. Their mouths are filled with rotten teeth, often coming to points which are used to eat humanoid flesh. Their fingers end in long, blackened claws.[1]


Nanny Pu'pu

The green hag, Nanny Pu'pu.

Green hags are horrible, cruel, fey-like women found in desolate swamps and dark forests. They delight in destroying beauty and purity, wanting to match it to their own ugly, debased selves.[1]


Green hags were found in Ashanath, the North Country, the Forest of Lethyr, and the Yuirwood in the Unapproachable East.[5]

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