Green sleeping dust was a drug that caused a creature to fall asleep.[2][1]

It was made from parts of the bija tree, which was found in the Quang Muku Forest in Koryo, Kara-Tur. It was incredibly potent—a person who inhaled the dust could not resist falling asleep.[2][1]

Around 1357 DR, its main users were ninja in service to the Soretyo family of Foo Nakar, a city within the Quang Muku. Some merchants with illicit dealings could purchase it as well, though it was very expensive.[2][1]

Green sleeping dust may have been used by the "nameless ones" — ninja — who kidnapped Meo Li around 1350 DR. She recalled a "magic powder", blown like a "puff of smoke" in her face, and knew nothing more.[3] [speculation]


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