A green slime was a small acidic ooze.[4]


Green slimes were bright green, sticky, and damp oozes. The acidic creatures devoured all organic material, including flesh, but also could consume metal objects, such as weapons.[2] They covered an area of about 5 feet (1.5 meters) per side, and could drop on foes that walked past.[4]


These oozes kept to ceilings, floors and walls. Unlike many other oozes, green slimes seemed to be stationary, and so would wait in a single place until they detected foes.[4]


When green slimes swamped their prey, they gradually consumed their flesh, as well as their armor and weapons, causing acidic damage. These slimes were very vulnerable to many causes of damage, such as sunlight, fire and frost, as well as sources of radiance, and spells that cured diseases.[4]


Dwarves hated encountering these dangerous slimes whilst digging tunnels or searching for ore. They considered them among the worst hazards of mining or excavating. The miners would try and dispose of the oozes by burning them.[2] They were somewhat rare, but formed colonies, sometimes in large numbers. Green slimes could regrow several years later, due to their lasting, dormant spores.[1]


Noska Ur'gray, a shield dwarf of Xanathar's Thieves' Guild, lost much of his left arm and his hand to the acid of a green slime.[5]



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