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A green slime was a small acidic ooze.[6]

Green slime is its name, bless all bards. Its touch dooms you. It turns you into itself, and eats through ... many things. Our lights and our footfalls are making it fall... See it moving? Every droplet that falls will spend almost a day or more oozing to the walls and up them, to rejoin the rest of the slime it fell from.
— Alura "Pennae" Durshavin of the Knights of Myth Drannor[7]


Green slimes were bright green, sticky, and damp oozes.[3] They covered an area of about 5 feet (1.5 meters) per side.[6] Some described them as resembling plant growths.[5]


These oozes kept to ceilings, floors and walls. Unlike many other oozes, green slimes seemed to be stationary, and so would wait in a single place until they detected foes.[6]


Green slimes were sensitive to vibrations and thus would fall upon any creatures that passed them by.[5][6]

Green slimes were vulnerable to severe cold and heat. The spell cure disease was also known to be quite deadly towards them.[5] However, they had spores that could lie dormant for prolonged periods of time, allowing them to regrow over the course of several years after having been burned away.[4]


When green slimes swamped their prey, they gradually consumed their flesh, as well as their armor and weapons, causing acidic damage. These slimes were very vulnerable to many causes of damage, such as sunlight, fire and frost, as well as sources of radiance, and spells that cured diseases.[6]


Noska Ur'gray, a shield dwarf of Xanathar's Thieves' Guild, lost much of his left arm and his hand to the acid of a green slime.[8]


Though it was rare, green slimes were known to form colonies, sometimes in large numbers.[4][5]


These acidic creatures devoured all organic material, including flesh and vegetation, but could also consume metal objects, such as weapons.[3][5] They were known to eat away at metal quickly, though took longer to consume wooden objects.[5] When the acidic ooze touched its next meal, it started to emit foul-smelling smoke, reminiscent of swamp, earthly decay and eels.[7]


Green slimes were known to inhabit the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar in the Stonelands, where they seeped through the ceiling, waiting for their next meal to stroll under.[7]

In the Abyss, green slimes could be found in Shedaklah, the Slime Pits, 222nd layer of the Abyss.[9]


Dwarves hated encountering these dangerous slimes whilst digging tunnels or searching for ore. They considered them among the worst hazards of mining or excavating. The miners would try and dispose of the oozes by burning them.[3]


Green slimes could be kept for garbage and waste disposal. In the House of the Moon in Waterdeep, a well-looked-after green slime was kept in a large stone tub in the kitchen; a senior priest stood by with a staff of curing in case it got out of control. Other green slimes were kept in the cesspits below the privies.[10]



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