Green warders were plant creatures programmed by elves to guard their woodland secrets.[1]


Green warders were humanoid-shaped topiary bushes pruned to look like tall elves, but if untended, they grew bushy and scraggly. They bore sharp thorns on their forearms for defense, if needed.[1]


Green warders had limited intelligence and minimal personalities. They were generally peaceful and benign beings and only in extreme circumstances would they shed blood, even if directly ordered to do so.[1]


Warders were generally programmed to avoid shedding blood; their purpose was to guard. If intruders approached, they would first raise an alarm and then use their magical powers to confuse the invaders or send them into a deep sleep until elven reinforcements could arrive. If under attack, a green warder would typically flee but if trapped could use its thorns to defend itself.[1]


When the elves left Cormanthor during the Retreat, thousands of green warders were left behind, guarding the old sacred sites. By 1371 DR, however, inhabitants of the Dalelands began noticing green warders on the outskirts of the great forest that were acting far more aggressive than was typical.[1]


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