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Greenspawn leapers were vicious, territorial dragonspawn of Tiamat.[1]


Greenspawn leapers were green-scaled, dragon-like creatures that primarily lived in trees. They had flaps of skin that stretched between the front and hind legs to allow for gliding. At about 4 feet (1.2 meters) long and 100 pounds (45,000 grams) in weight, they were big enough to be ridden.[1]


Greenspawn leapers were territorial carnivores and ambush predators. Adapted as they were to life in the trees, typically of warm or temperate forests, they were loath to live the canopy for long.[1]

Greenspawn leapers were both solitary and highly territorial, with fights for territory frequently breaking out between individuals. In these fights, a pair of rivals raced through the treetops until one fell. Although only beasts, greenspawn leapers were possessed of an animal cunning and some simplistic cheating would occur.[1]

Every three years, male leapers would invade the territory of females in order to mate. The male who won the ensuing races remained with the female for several days before she chased him off. The victor would then suffer a rough homecoming, as interlopers would seize a winner's territory during his absence. The female would weave a nest out of branches and then lay a clutch of eggs. The hatchling leapers would be barely cared for by the mother as they learned to fend for themselves, and eventually they would be driven away to find their own territory.[1]

Greenspawn leapers were vicious, but were known to be tamed by greenspawn sneaks as mounts. A leaper could easily carry about 130 pounds (59,000 grams), less easily up to 255 pounds (116,000 grams), and with difficulty as much as 390 pounds (180,000 grams).[1]




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