Greenspawn sneaks were the scouts and spies of the armies of Tiamat.[1]


Greenspawn sneaks were small, green-skinned humanoids with distinctly draconic heads. They were typically about 3.5 feet (1.1 meters) and weighed approximately 50 pounds (23 kilograms). Females were slightly broader and heavier than males.[1]


Greenspawn sneaks were cunning, intelligent dragonspawn who were wholly devoted to Tiamat. They lived in highly structured tribes. Each tribe was led by a prelate, a cleric of Tiamat, who commanded complete loyalty from the rest of the tribe. The only other cleric in the tribe was the prelate's chosen successor. The successor had no official authority, but the close relationship between the two sneak clerics meant that they acted as a unit and were rarely separate.[1]

The prelate was in charge of, among other things, determining how many eggs a tribe would allow to hatch. Usually, only the same number of eggs as was equal to the number of sneaks in the tribe were allowed to hatch, but when preparing for war as many as five to ten times that number would be allowed to survive.[1]

Hatchling sneaks were raised communally by the tribe; parents did not claim their offspring as all were children of Tiamat. The prelate would judge the young sneaks' abilities and assign them to a set role in the tribe.[1]

Greenspawn sneaks were omnivores, primarily hunter-gatherers, who could survive on less than half the food a similar-sized halfling would need. They tried to minimize their impact on the surrounding environment to reduce the risk of being discovered.[1]

Greenspawn sneaks valued duty, trickery, and stealth above all else. Duty was to Tiamat and her armies, as sneaks were the reconnaissance force preparing for the greater assault. Trickery was the tool that allowed them to have an advantage against their opponents; young sneaks were rewarded for being clever rather than strong. However, infighting was forbidden and offenders against that rule were summarily executed.[1]

Greenspawn sneaks prefered to live in temperate or warm forests and marshes. Like the green dragons they were descended from, they could breathe underwater. Greenspawn sneaks were known to tame greenspawn leapers as mounts.[1]




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