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Greenstone Amulet.

Greenstone amulets were rare, extremely valuable magical necklaces that offered protection against a wide range of mind-controlling and physically dominating spells. They appeared as fist-sized stones, made of brittle[1] greenstone,[4] that shone with a radiance when activated.[1] The stones were often carved into flattened versions of common shapes such as an egg, shield or simple helm.[3]


When worn against the skin, these amulets provided a continuous mind blank spell[3] and shielded its wearer with a spell immunity-like affect, which granted absolute protection from the spells chaos, geas, hold person, hypnotism, mass charm, mind blank, quest , score, and sleep. It also offered more-limited protection against fumble, maze, Otto's irresistible dance, ray of enfeeblement, and trip,[1] as well as necromantic spells, dimensional transportation,[3] and certain psionic abilities.[1]

Greenstone amulets could only protect the wearer from a certain number and intensity of spells before it was completely drained, after which it shone extremely brightly and then slowly faded to a dark hue. It would slowly recharge after this occurrence.[1]



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