Greneire was the king of an orc tribe located in the Spine of the World mountain range north of Dark Arrow Keep in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR.[1][2]


Some days before Midsummer in 1367 DR, King Greneire led an army of 150,000 orcs southward and besieged the kingdom of Many-Arrows at its capital, Citadel of Many Arrows. The siege lasted four months and ended in Uktar of that year when Greneire's forces finally broke through the gates of the citadel, but the battle and the war were lost when King Obould slew Greneire in single combat.[1] Obould's victory was short-lived because he was grievously wounded, his army was shattered, and he was forced to flee northward to Dark Arrow Keep[3] when dwarves of Clan Warcrown arrived to rout the survivors.[2]



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