The Grey Blossom Regiment was a mercenary company based in Nakamaru in Wa.[1]


The company was composed of 500 bushi led by officers who were all no-caste Wanese or natives of Wa.[1]


The Grey Blossom Regiment was formed from troops from Shou Lung who defected to Nakamaru's daimyo after the Oni War in 251. In time, they became mostly independent. In 1357 DR, the Regiment operated independently, and only had a samurai liaison officer appointed by the daimyo. For this reason, inside cities they were always watched by an equal numbers of the daimyo's soldiers. Despite this, most clans used Grey Blossom soldiers, including the Funada clan. The Many-Hued Peacock Society and the Royal Vagabonds kept an eye on the Grey Blossom Regiment.[1]



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