Greyanna Mizzrym was a priestess of House Mizzrym in Menzoberranzan and sister of Pharaun Mizzrym.[2]


Greyanna Mizzrym was described as handsome except for a scar on the left side of her face. She wielded a mace.[3]


Greyanna was the eldest daughter of Matron Mother Miz'ri Mizzrym but she also had a twin sister, Sabal Mizzrym.[4] Throughout her life, Greyanna was favored by her mother and achieved success and status in House Mizzrym, while her sister Sabal met with failure. Greyanna sabotaged Sabal's efforts to impress their matron mother, and eventually Sabal was viewed a fool unfit for the simplest of tasks. It was at that point that Pharaun stepped in and began aiding Sabal, helping her rise through the ranks of the house.[5] This infuriated Greyanna, and she vowed revenge upon Pharaun. After chasing him through the house one night in an attempt to kill him, he escaped to the wizard academy Sorcere at Tier Breche, where he was able to obtain a post as a master.[6]

Greyanna waited years to get her revenge. In the mean time, she gave her twin sister an amulet that actually carried a curse that made Sabal very ill, even close to death.[7] In 1372 DR, she found out Pharaun was on a mission in the city, so she and her minions from House Mizzrym, including Relonor Vrinn, went out to kill him.[8] Pharaun proved more powerful than she, however. Greyanna failed in her attempts to kill her brother, twice. This angered Matron Mother Miz'ri Mizzrym, and Greyanna was demoted, made to live in a small room with only a single chair for furniture. It was in this room that her brother Pharaun magically entered and killed her with a barrage of magic missiles.[1]




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