The Greypeak Mountains (also called simply Greypeaks[2]) were a mountain range in the eastern end of the Savage Frontier in northwest Faerûn.[3][1][4]


The mountains were bordered by the Marsh of Chelimber and the Forgotten Forest to the south, the Lonely Moor in the east, and the Fallen Lands in the northeast. The mountains separated the Fallen Lands from the Delimbiyr River.[1]

Back during the Days of Thunder, the Narrow Seas ran along the mountains' eastern slopes.[5]

Two rivers emerged from the Greypeak Mountains: the Grayflow in the south and the Loagrann (from three tributaries) in the north.[6]


The weather was generally pretty poor here.[1]


The mountains were named after the gray-skinned stone giants who inhabited them.[1]


In the 14th century DR, many monsters inhabited the range including goblins who dwelt in keeps, barghest chieftains who commanded large packs of worgs and were allies of the goblins, and many young dragons. The primary inhabitants however were the stone giants, who were, for the most part, civilized or least smart enough not to assault travelers.[1]


The Dawn Pass Trail crossed the Graypeak Mountains, passing through Dawn Pass,[1] which was steep and demanding in comparison to Bleached Bones Pass further south, but easier to defend, and hence preferred by Zhentarim caravans. By 1358 DR, a garrison of thirty Lord's Men from Llorkh stood guard at Dawn Pass. They remained there through to at least 1370 DR. They were aided by a hired beholder from Dekanter, together with its gnoll minions.[7][8][9]

The people of the town of Llorkh once mined for iron and silver in the Greypeaks. Their shallow tunnels riddled the mountains north and east of the town. These were old and almost worked-out, their lodes nearly exhausted, by the mid–14th century DR, but some miners still persisted in working there.[10][11][12][13][14] After the takeover of the town in 1357 DR, the Lord's Men commandeered three worked-out mine tunnels near Llorkh to use for storage. It was told that monsters made their lairs in several other tunnels, making them hazardous.[12][14]

The tower of Seshrentor stood in the Greypeaks, 40 miles (64 kilometers) north-northeast of Llorkh.[2]

The White Fate colony of beholders was located in a valley in the mountains somewhere south east of Llorkh.[15]



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