Griffon's Nest was a permanent settlement of the Griffon tribe of Uthgardt barbarians.[1]


The village was nestled in the Surbrin Hills,[2] just bit west of Shining Creek.[1]


As of the mid-14th century DR, the settlement comprised a score of wood-and-earth huts that encircled the tribe's central longhouse. Outlying farms dotted the surrounding hillside.[1] The village remained largely the same throughout the next 120 years.[2]

Its defensive palisade was often decorated with the heads of the tribes enemies.[2]


Throughout the years the Griffon's Nest was overseen by the Great Chiefs of the Griffon tribe, several of which were of the Bonesnapper line.[1][2]


At one time, the Griffon's Nest was a hideout for a group of half-orc bandits, led by a man named Alglyn. By the Year of the Sword, 1365 DR, it was one of the few permanent Uthgardt settlements.[1]


While the Griffon tribesmen of the 14th were ordered, somewhat educated and welcoming to adventurers and other outsiders,[1] those of the 15th century were outright hostile.[2]




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