The forty Griffon Knights are a group of fighters who are responsible for the safety and security of the town of Alamontyr in the Border Kingdoms. They serve Alamontyr's ruler, Shield Duke Bardran Thulmaer. They are known for bearing lances to which they sometimes attach magic wands.[1]

Red KnightEdit

The Griffon Knights venerate the Red Knight as their patron after an incident around a dozen years ago that they refuse to discuss with anybody. A mansion in Alamontyr is being converted into a small castle and shrine to Red Knight.[1]


When an agent of Zhentil Keep made an attempt to assassinate the Shield Duke, the Griffon Knights dismembered him and the various body parts were sent in packages to different members of the ruling Council of Zhentil Keep.[1]


The badge of the Griffon Knights is a full-face silver shield held aloft by two white wings on a dun background.[1]


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