Grigs were sprites who loved mischief and light-hearted pranks. They loved playing tricks on larger creatures.[1]


Grigs were small sprites, about 1 and a half feet tall and weighing only 1 lb (450 g). They had the head, arms, and torso of a normal sprite, with light blue skin and green hair. However, grigs had a brown, cricket-like body from the waist down, including a pair of gossamer wings. Grigs usually wore brightly colored tunics or vests with buttons made out of tiny gems.[2]


Grigs were tiny but intelligent fey. They had infravision out to 180 ft (55 m) and far better hearing than normal humans. Grigs spoke both the common and fey languages.[2]

In combat, grigs wielded darts and tiny swords. They could use multiple magical abilities at will, including ventriloquism, change self, entangle, invisibility, pyrotechnics, and trip. When they fiddled, they could produce the effects of Otto's irresistible dance on all creatures within 30 ft (9.1 m); other grigs were immune, and one grig could play for hours without tiring.[2]


Grigs lived temperate forests in small bands, sleeping during the day and roaming the area by night. They were herbivorous, preferring to eat nuts, berries, and honey.[2]

Grigs were cautious and mischievous fey who were fond of playing harmless pranks on "big people". They were also trusting, and would make amends to creatures that they pranked.[2]


Grigs were found in the Border Forest in the Dalelands.[5] In earlier times, they lived within the city dump of Cursrah and helped exterminate rats.[6]



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