High Lord Abbot Grigor Khazaar was the head of the Abbey of the Blinding Truth in the city of Westgate during the late 14th century DR. He was a militant cleric of Tyr who led his clergy of priests, monks, and paladins in a campaign against the criminal guild known as the Night Masks.[1]


The high priest's rhetoric struck a chord with Westgate's conservative Seirkas Urdo, and the two met fairly often, either at private dinners or after service within the temple's chapel.[1]

The Night Masks had Lady Thistle Thalavar spy upon Khazaar, and report his activities to the guild's master, Orbakh (who was in fact a clone of the dark mage Manshoon).[2] The Night King considered ordering the murder of the Tyrran priest, but believed his martyrdom would attract more followers of the Just Deity to his city.[1]


Wake up and realize the injustice that is being perpetrated nightly in the city streets, often by agents of the council itself!
— High Lord Abbot Grigor Khazaar[1]

In 1372 DR, shortly after the founding of the abbey, High Lord Abbot Khazaar appealed to the city's noble council, in an effort to rid the city of its lawless thieves and assassins.[1]



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