The Grimblades were an adventuring company that operated around the Inner Sea lands in the late 13th century DR. The Grimblades were led by Kesten "Steelglance" Orthalin.


The Grimblades were thought to have plundered a number of ruins in the lands around the eastern Inner Sea.

In the late 13th century DR, their leader Kesten came into the possession of a magical short sword and had the sage Arthylmas of Saerloon identify the blade. It was Sarghathuld, a legendary relic of Roldilar and Impiltur, and lost since the Year of the Luminar Procession, 1127 DR, a century and a half before.

However, barely three seasons later, the Grimblades were all slain by the green dragon Urnalithorgathla in her lair in the Spiderhaunt Wood in the Dalelands. Their bones and Sarghathuld laid among her treasure hoard for over ninety years.[1]


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