Grimmerfang was a male orc and Orc-King of the orcish kingdom of Vastar in the late 6th and early 7th centuries DR.[1]


After Vastar suffered eight bloody years of civil war following the death of Ologh the Overking, Grimmerfang won the war when he defeated his last rival for the throne, then ceremonially spitted, cooked and devoured them. Becoming Orc-King Grimmerfang in the Year of the Loose Coins, 580 DR, he took Ologh's court at the Hollow Mountain for himself, which he renamed "Mount Grimmerfang". With this, he ended warfare amongst the orcs of Vastar, at least for a short time.[2][1]

However, taking advantage of the orcish strife, dwarves were encroaching from the west, spreading underground and applying increasing pressure on the orcs. Meanwhile, Vastar suffered repeated defeats to the elves.[3] Finally, armed with orcslayer blades, the dwarves surged out of the mountains and slaughtered the orcs. Vastar fell in the Year of the Spellfire, 610 DR, and Grimmerfang was slain in his namesake mountain. The orcish survivors were driven north and south into the mountain peaks as the dwarves founded Roldilar.[1]


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