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Grodd goblins were a variety of goblins that were trapped in the Grodd demiplane with Nalavara.[1]


Grodd goblins mostly resembled normal goblins, but they had lime green skin and light blue eyes. They were also more androgynous in appearance, to the point that distinguishing between sexes was difficult except by voice.[1]


Grodd goblins were evil, but their chaotic natures had been tempered over the centuries of serving Nalavara. They were also far more civilized. Thanks to Nalavara's influence, they hated the men of Cormyr and wanted to conquer that land for themselves.[1]


Grodd goblins had, over the centuries, been changed by the proximity of the Plane of Shadow to their home-demiplane. They were not harmed by the touch of shadows. It also gave their spellcasters access to some unusual spells. Additionally, all Grodd goblins instinctively knew where the fixed gateways out of Grodd were and could pass through them easily.[1]

Curiously, the Grodd goblins were immune to Nalavara's ability to siphon magic away from other creatures on the demiplane.[2]


The majority of Grodd goblins were warriors, although some were adepts. They favored stealth and ambush in their tactics.[1]

Because of their limited darkvision (they could only see as far as 30 ft (9.1 m)), and the fact that there were no predators that climbed on the ceiling or any lights up there, Grodd goblins typically forgot that "up" existed except in regards to the levels within buildings.[3]


Grodd goblins had originally lived in the lands that later became Cormyr, but they were trapped in the demiplane of Grodd alongside the dragon Nalavara. They survived in that place by hunting the animals that wandered in, and also by hunting stranger things native to there. Over time, they changed and became more civilized, eventually building a great city in the demiplane.[1]

Grodd goblins were arranged in a militocracy, wherein capable military leaders ruled large groups. The Grodd goblins as a whole were ruled by a High Consul, who was elected by the generals of the legions, with one vote per hundred goblins in a legion. There were, as of 1371 DR, there were at least ten legions of one thousand goblins each, although recent fighting with Cormyr had depleted their numbers somewhat. The Grodd goblins also revered and served Nalavara, but also held to an ancient bond to someone they called "the Iron One", who was possibly an aspect of one of the goblinoid deities and the source of the adepts' power. There was an iron crown kept in the great palace in their city, and whoever wore it was believed to be the voice or manifestation of the Iron One, and was obeyed as a great general. As of 1371 DR, the Cormyrean wizard Vangerdahast Aeiulvana had the crown, but the goblins did not acknowledge him as a ruler.[1]

Grodd goblins lived in multi-family apartments and held to various civilized tenets such as privacy, personal property, and cleanliness. Outside of their city they built simpler shelters of stone and wood, but given time they were good builders. Grodd goblins had no slaves, but they were not averse to acquiring slaves if they got the opportunity.[1]

Grodd goblins spoke a corrupted form of Ancient Elvish that they learned from Nalavara.[1]

When a Grodd goblin grew old and began to be a burden on their family, they would declare their intent to leave the mortal world. At such an announcement, the family would make or buy a 3‑foot-tall (0.91‑meter) iron pole with many hooks on it. Then, after saying goodbye, the elder would take some of their dearest possessions and go to a tunnel in the southwest portion of Grodd, a place filled with many pole and pits. Then, hanging the possessions on the pole and placing it on a clear spot on the ground, they would throw themself into a pit to die. Other Grodd goblins avoided the tunnel, and some of the less sophisticated ones claimed that the ghosts of the dead haunted the place.[4]




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