Gromma Nander was a tortle circle of the land druid of the late 15th century DR.[1]


She was extremely old for a tortle, and walked with the aid of a spear. Barnacles grew on the back of her shell, and starfish of various colors were also attached to it. On her head she wore a braided headdress studded with pearls and a single piece of coral.[1]


Gromma was both wise and inquisitive, and was quick to form friendships. Building trust was another matter. She had a fondness for young people, regardless of their race.[1]


Aside from her spear and headdress, Gromma had very little on her person. One of her few precious possessions was a bag full of smooth pebbles she had found on her travels.[1]


After Gromma had given birth to her offspring, she soon grew bored of her life in seclusion. Once she had raised her children old enough so they might survive on their own, she decided to explore the world once more and learn more of the creatures living there.[1]



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