Gromnir Il-Khan was a half-orc Bhaalspawn who briefly ruled Saradush while the city was under siege by Yaga-Shura.

He and his garrison of soldiers had been brought into the city by Melissan along with other Bhaalspawn, ostensibly to keep them safe. When Yaga-Shura besieged the city in an effort to destroy all the Bhaalspawn within, Gromnir locked himself up in the palace with his closest followers, and while the local militia fought against the invaders, his men were content to bully and exploit the town's populace.

Gromnir himself was seemingly paranoid about Melissan, thinking she wanted to "turn Bhaalspawn against Bhaalspawn until all are dead." He turned out to be right, though few others would have suspected it. Ultimately, he was killed by Gorion's Ward at her bidding.

Gromnir wielded two enchanted morning stars in combat, one of which was the Ice Star.[2]



  1. Gromnir's alignment was originally lawful neutral in Throne of Bhaal, but was changed to chaotic neutral in the Enhanced Edition re-release.


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