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A groundhog, often called a woodchuck, was a small mammalian creature.[2]


Groundhogs were able to gnaw through wood and trees at a quick rate. They were fairly common.[2]

Woodchucks were somewhat dexterous and were good at hiding, moving silently, and listening. They also had a strong sense of smell.[1]


The little animals were of no threat to humans. Woodchuck pelts were worth about 1 gp each.[2] They were sometimes used as familiars, particularly by gnomes.[1] The red meat of such critters made up a large portion of the diet of aurumvoraxes.[3]

On the continent of Faerûn, groundhogs were known to dwell in Cormanthor[3] and Amn.[4] In the Crowded Sea, sapient groundhogs lived on the island chain known as the Steaming Isles.[5]

Beyond Toril, they could be found on the planet of Chandos.[6]



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