Grumog was a strange but fierce monstrosity, worshiped by Queen M'bobo's Batiri goblin tribe as their deity in the mid 14th century DR.[1]

Grumog like us, not eat dead food.
— Queen M'bobo[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Grumog's presence could be acuity detected by the sound of its thunderous roar that echoed across its tunnels. The creature produced mists of steam with its breath. Grumog's head was the size of a small creature and shaped like a spade with boubous eyes on its sides. The creature's body was covered with scales that reached its lips which ended with long sharp teeth. Grumog's long slender, muscular neck had two sets of gills that spewed out steam with a fierce hiss. Its long snake-like body had numerous legs, similar to a centipede, and ended with a double barbed tail. Inside its gaping maw hid a tentacled tongue.[4]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Grumog showed limited animal-like intelligence. Its tongue was its main weapon that wrapped around its prey and lunged it straight into the creature's mouth. The creature's breath, the smoke it created, was foul and sour-smelling.[4]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Grumog laired in a cave tunnel system underneath Queen M'bobo's village. The goblins tossed numerous victims into the beast's maw through a sacrificial pit that led directly to Grumog's nest. Under the pit's gullet laid Grumog's "trove," or more precisely a junk pile. It consisted of bones, charred items of the victims, rusted weaponry, and tribal Chultan armor.[5]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Grumog was worshiped and fed via ritualistic execution by a Batiri tribe.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

At some point before 1362 DR, a tribe of cannibalistic Batiri goblin who actively menaced the residents of Mezro in Chult came to worship Grumog as their deity. The goblins came to respect and fear the mysterious creature, regularly feeding it living prisoners captured along Chultan jungle paths.[1]

In 1362 DR, Queen M'bobo's tribe ambushed and captured villainous Kaverin Ebonhand during his expedition searching for the Ring of Winter. The industrious man quickly forged an alliance with the Queen and used her newly pledged allegiance against a Harper adventurer and his nemesis, Artus Cimber. Artus was captured by the goblins and was about to be fed to the Batiri "god." To Kaverin's fury, goblins fed the monstrosity while the victims were still alive. The goblins tossed Artus possessions into to pit as a tribute. Among them were his enchanted glowing dagger, the Bookmark, and powerfully enchanted Thayan diary bound in wyvern skin. Once inside Grumog's lair, Artus serendipitously met Byrt and Lugg, a duo of intelligent wombats who spoke common. Grumog attacked the trio, but Artus was able to kill the creature accidentally. With a lightning-fast strike, the adventurer dodged out of the monster's way. Instead of fresh meat, the creature chomped on Artus Cimber's journal. As Grumog's teeth pierced the wyvern leather, the book's enchantment broke. Within moments, thousands of journal pages exploded into the beast's mouth. The avalanche of paper broke Grumog's maw and killed the beast.[2]

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The Ring of Winter

References[edit | edit source]

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