Grypht was a saurial mage from the same tribe as Dragonbait.[1] He was larger than other saurials and resembled an anthropomorphic triceratops.[1]

After most of his tribe were possessed by Moander, he traveled from his own dimension to Toril, using a transference spell to take the place of Elminster. This placed him at the center of Finder's trial. He was attacked by Kyre, who was also possessed by Moander, and trapped in a soul gem. When Kyre tried and failed to capture Akabar, the latter freed Grypht from the soul gem, believing it might house Elminster. Akabar was knocked unconscious during the fight. Grypht fled with Akabar for his own protection.[1]

However, Breck Orcsbane was convinced that Grypht was a monster who'd murdered Kyre. A party including Breck and Dragonbait tracked down Grypht and he was nearly killed before Breck accepted that he was not a demon.[1]

Grypht then played an important subsidiary role in the battle against Moander, using magic to create walls of spells and free other saurials from possession.[1]

After Moander's death, Grypht remained with his tribe in the Lost Vale.[1]

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